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"I flew today with my instructor to do some refresher IFR training in actual IMC. Due to the online training you gave me, plus all our conversations about convection, stability, CAPE, lifted index, SPC discussions, etc. I had very high confidence that the large areas of moderate rain over our area were non-convective and would be smooth air. We had stable conditions in widespread rain today, and my instructor was very impressed with my ability to explain why I was certain we'd be in smooth, non-convective rain. I don't think we had a single bump the entire flight, even with rain pounding down on the windshield as we flew through some areas showing yellow on my satellite weather radar display. Thanks for the added confidence you've given me."

    - Mike Heir

"The trip on Friday went perfectly, the weather behaved as we had discussed in our online training session. Since I ended up leaving later than planned it was VMC all the time. On Sunday on the way back I was IMC all the time. I have to say that, thanks to all of your great teaching, I was confident, dare I almost say knew, that there were no issues with the weather. It was clear that the the atmosphere was stable along my route of flight and that the freezing level was way above my intended altitude."

    - - Jean-Noel Pederzani

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